Olde Wood Accents

Olde Wood Accents began in the 1990s as a company to reclaim and reuse building materials. As a family, we have always believed that old materials are better for construction, an important way to recycle and conserve trees, not to mention we can preserve the beauty of virgin growth woods. We have been in business for over 20 years, but we have been using high quality, old growth materials for over 40 years.

Family Owned & Operated

We have been a family-owned business for 2 generations. We take pride that our business is our legacy to our children and our grandchildren. With that pride comes a determination to produce the high-quality work and excellent customer service that Olde Wood Accents is known for.

Everything Sourced In U.S.A.

We believe in giving back to the community that we came from. That extends not only to sourcing materials in Acadiana but to sourcing materials across the country. We are always committed to supporting domestic production and supplies as much as we can.

Committed To Our Team

Our team is composed of trusted professionals who are excellent at what they do. Old Wood Accents has always been committed to the goal of ensuring that our team is taken care of so that they can live valuable and fulfilling lives.

Two Professional working on wood doors

What We Do

Bringing Reclaimed Wood To Life Again

Olde Wood Accents can also supply new wood as white oak flooring, cypress ceiling and wall treatments, southern, yellow pine ceiling materials, wall treatments and flooring. Also, cypress timbers can be cut to specification.

Bespoke Soft & Hardwoods

Olde Wood Accents specializes in various old-growth pine, cypress, and oak flooring. We also provide a large selection of antique beams in longleaf pine and cypress.

Ground Up Customizations

In addition , Olde Wood Accents can customize your project from the ground up. We can start with a set of plans and provide you with a complete cost analysis at no charge to you.

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Olde Wood Accents

Family-owned and operated for more than 30 years.

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