Benefits of White Oak Flooring

White oak is known to represent strength, persistence, and peace. Its grey/brown undertones help to make it a popular choice for solid flooring, but what else about it makes it ideal for flooring? Let’s get into it.

Grain Matter

White oak has a very distinctive grain pattern. It’s fairly clean, meaning it works well with modern decor. Additionally, the streaks you see in white oak work well to guide the eyes through a room. Depending on how the planks are laid, this can make a room feel larger than it is. Ideally, you would use white oak for smaller rooms that you want to appear larger. It also works well to give a rustic aesthetic if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve. 

Built to Last

A big factor for why white oak is often chosen as flooring is its durability. White oak is rated to be harder than most making it ideal to handle the wear and tear of foot traffic. It’s also more water-resistant than your average lumber. No wood is truly waterproof, but white oak is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where water will be present.   

It Won't Cost a Year's Salary

White oak is somewhat common in a lot of parts of the world, making it easier on your wallet if you were looking to add wood flooring to your home. Despite how common white oak may be, it still stands out as a quality and beautiful material for floors especially.