Dark Wood Floors vs. Light Wood Floors

Wood floors are an excellent addition to most spaces in your home. They add an immediate sense of comfort and warmth to a room. Additionally, they are typically more durable than other flooring types like laminate or carpet. But how do you decide which kind of wood flooring is right for you? We’ve got some tips to help make your decision easier.

When it comes to wood floors, you have the option of going with a lighter or darker coloring. Typically, you will see darker wood floors because they are often stained and finished with a dark stain. Since this is the more common flooring color, let’s start with why you would want it dark.

Dark Wood Flooring

Dark-colored wood floors work well in spaces that have a lot of light. This may be due to a lighter accenting in the walls and furniture, or because there are a lot of windows that allow for a heap of natural light to filter in. It’s also great for larger rooms in a home as opposed to smaller ones. A dark-colored wood floor is a classic look and one that won’t go out of style anytime soon. It’s usually associated with the ideas of luxury, nature, and coziness.

Light Wood Flooring

Now let’s talk about lighter wood flooring, the slightly less common option. Many hardwood options are naturally light-colored but are stained to be darker. A lighter color works well to make a space feel larger than it actually is. In contrast to darker flooring options, you’ll want to put lighter floors in places where there isn’t a lot of light available or in places that are small. While lighter flooring colors create a look that’s very different from more traditional wood floors, it’s still a beautiful addition to any space.

The best part about wood flooring is that you can have the best of both worlds! When it comes time for refinishing your floors, you can sand down your existing dark flooring to get at the natural lighter coloring or stain your lighter floors to a darker shade making your investment last a lifetime with proper care and treatment.