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Adding wooden support beams to your home can result in an incredible look and style, but it can also have its downsides. There’s an alternative that has more use, maintains the aesthetic of your space, and it’s more cost-effective. That alternative is faux wooden beams.

Grand Dining Room

Faux Beams -vs- Solid Wood Beams

Solid beams can have large bows and twist in them making it very difficult to install our faux beams are machined perfectly to take out any twists or crowns so they go perfectly against your walls or ceilings.

-Free estimates 

⁃Fully customizable 

⁃Made in the USA 

⁃Reclaimed material 

⁃Shipping nation-wide

-Delivery available to Lafayette, baton Rouge & Bossier City areas*

What Does The Process Look Like

 How they are made 

⁃3/4” thick skins 

⁃45 degree edges 

⁃Polyurethane glue and finish nails 

⁃Blocking is installed on the inside for stability 

⁃Holes and cracks are filled with putty 

⁃Beams are sanded and labeled 

⁃Pre-finished / pre-primed on request 

Faux Beams Specs

35 S Charles St
IMG_4848 (1)

Interested in Solid Wood Beams Instead?

We have multiple species of wood and options for you to choose from. Contact us for more details!!

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