History of Reclaimed Wood

Olde Wood Accents takes pride in its use of reclaimed wood in projects, but what is reclaimed wood? How did the act of reclaiming old wood start? If you have some questions, we have some answers.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood refers to wood that was originally purposed for a structure that has been taken to be repurposed for something else. An example of this would be taking wood from an old farmhouse turning it into wood flooring for a home. This practice began back in the 1980’s when lumber and construction industry experts were concerned that the quality of available lumber just wasn’t up to par when compared to older materials. Builders began looking to older structures for durable materials, while also practicing more conservation-minded methods of construction.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

It’s understandable that using reclaimed materials helps with conservation and sustainability in regards to wood supply, but why would you want to use reclaimed materials when building your home or renovations? In the early days of U.S. history, strong, old-growth lumber was in abundance. These trees had been allowed to grow over decades or even centuries, making them very durable. As time went on, logging and plant blights brought the number of old-growth trees down severely. Now, one of the only ways to use these old materials is to harvest it from old, out of use structures like old school houses or barns. This adds to the value of the wood, making it a very desirable addition to any home. 

Olde Wood Accents specializes in using reclaimed wood materials to create beautiful custom wood pieces for your home. Our work includes flooring, paneling, beams, tables, and much more! Contact us today if you’re interested in adding a rustic feel to your home.