How to Furnish a Room With Dark Wood

How to Furnish a Room with Dark Wood Paneling

Dark wood can be a fantastic addition to any space in your home. However, you may notice that things seem a little darker or smaller since you installed your dark wood. To avoid this, you have to accent your room to compliment your new decor to make it look as great as possible. Here are a few tips on how to furnish a room with dark wood.

Add Natural Light

The darker coloring of dark wood material can make a room appear much smaller if not properly accommodated. Natural light is an excellent way to combat this cramped feeling. Try putting up light-colored sheers over your windows to allow natural light to shine in without leaving your windows wide open for the world to see.

Alternatively, you can try artificial lighting if your room doesn’t have windows, or if you’d rather use heavier drapes than sheers. Grab lamps that can shine a light towards your ceiling to help alleviate any feelings of cramped-ness. 

Use Bright Colored Furniture

Another trick you can try is moving lighter furniture into your space. Something like a cream couch can do a lot for a room with dark wood paneling. By using lighter and warmer colored furniture, you can not only accentuate the natural colors of your wood, but it’ll help to brighten the space into a cozy feeling environment.   

Use Your Flooring to Your Advantage

Whether you have dark wood paneling on your walls or dark wood floors, there are a few things you can do to elevate your room with lighter colors. If you have dark wood walls, opt for a light warm colored carpet to highlight the contrast between the colors.

If you already have dark wood floors, you can try adding a warm colored rug to make both the color in the carpet and in your floors pop. 

Add Some Decorations to Your Walls

If your walls are bare, it can leave your wood seeming dull and depressing. Try using bright colored wall decorations to add some depth and variety to your wall scape. Generally speaking, the more colorful your art is, the more it will pop against the dark wood grain of your paneling.